CAL OSHA Certifications

This page is set up to assist you with fulfillling CAL/OSHA requirements regarding your overhead material handling equipment.

  • There are major differences between lifting equipment rated at 3 ton capacity and below and above 3 ton capacity.
  • All cranes shall be inspected visually prior to the first operation on any work shift. §5031. Inspection (a)
  • All cranes shall have periodic inspections performed at least four times per year §5031. Inspection (c)
  • Cranes rated at above three ton capacity shall be inspected and certified annually by a currently licensed certificating agency and a certificate shall be issued by the certificating agency. §5021. Testing (a) (1)
  • All cranes shall have a proof load test performed upon initial use (new installation) §5021. Testing (a) (1) and cranes rated at above three ton capacity shall also have a proof load test performed every four years (quadrennially) §5021. Testing (a) (2)
  • Recordkeeping is the responsibility of the owner of the crane and an inspection record shall be maintained §5031. Inspection (c) (4)

Safety Information

Per Cal-OSHA’s website it minimally requires all crane operators to be initially trained (see link below).

However, there are various recommendations that training should be ongoing and we do have a few customers requesting us to provide training on a regular basis (most appear to be mandated from their corporate EH&S every 2 or 3 years). We recommend that crane operator training or refresher courses be conducted every 3 years or under the following conditions:

  • A crane operator is observed operating the equipment in an unsafe manner
  • A crane operator or rigger is involved in an accident or near miss
  • A new or different type of crane or attachment is being implemented
  • If workplace conditions have changed