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Without Compromise

Innovation, Quality, & Value Without Compromise

Northern California’s leading manufacturer of cranes, hoists, and material handling equipment.  

Industrial Crane Solutions

Our industrial crane systems are designed to increase the safety and productivity of your business. We utilize the latest technology, building your crane with industry-specific considerations in mind, and always prioritizing safety. Allied Crane offers a complete range of industrial overhead cranes with capacities from 1/8 ton to 250 ton, which can be used across a multitude of industries, with customized options available. From lightcapacity lifting devices to heavyduty production cranes, Allied Crane is here to provide you with the equipment that best suits your application within your facility. 

The Right Crane For Every Project

Allied Crane designs, manufactures, and installs engineered overhead crane systems to meet your material handling requirements. Our team of experienced professionals can work directly with your company to determine the correct equipment configuration for your application. 

Overhead Cranes

Efficiently move heavy or bulky loads throughout your facility with an overhead crane from Allied Crane. 

Gantry Cranes

Our heavy-duty and mobile gantry cranes are a perfect solution for your indoor and outdoor projects. 

Crane Hoists

A high-quality, dependable overhead hoist will help any operation run with more ease and efficiency.

Jib Cranes

Jib cranes are a cost-effective and efficient approach to increasing productivity in workstations within your facility. 

Monorail Cranes

Utilize existing structural beams, for a faster and more cost-effective approach to material handling. 

Workstation Cranes

Work ergonomically and improve productivity within your facility with a workstation crane.

24-Hour Crane Services

Equipment challenges can lead to production delays, added costs, or even a complete shutdown. At Allied Crane, we’re committed to providing our customers with timely, dependable service that helps you keep your production needs on track. Our experienced team of technicians are ready to assist with all types and makes of industrial cranes and hoists. We’ve got you covered at every step of the process – from preventative maintenance to mission-critical repairs.  

Certified Equipment Testing & Inspections

Crane inspection and certification is an important part of crane ownership. Regular inspections are necessary to comply with industry standards and improve safety. Cal-OSHA regulations require that all active cranes 3 ton and above be inspected at least once a year by a Cal-OSHA accredited surveyor, in addition to Quadrennial load testing at 125 percent. Active inspections and preventive maintenance are crucial to improving safety and productivity within your operation. Our inspectors are Cal-OSHA accredited and trained to inspect equipment to regulatory standards. We can provide the inspections you need to fulfill industry requirements including:   

Parts & Supplies On Demand

As an authorized distributor of leading major brands, Allied Crane is a trusted source for any brand of replacement parts and components. Our parts department has extensive knowledge regarding crane and hoist equipment and is ready to source the high-quality parts that your application requires.  

We’re proud to supply our customers with spare parts that ensure reliability, extended service life, and continuous availability. As a member of American Equipment Holdings, we’re part of a large national network of suppliers. With the help of this resource, we’re able to easily locate any part and ensure expedited delivery of the parts you need.  

The American Equipment Family of Businesses

Allied Crane is a proud member of American Equipment Holdings. The American Equipment family of businesses includes the greatest overhead crane and hoist solutions providers across the nation.

Your Partner In Material Handling Solutions

If you’re in need of an overhead crane system for your facility, you can rely on us for the right equipment! We have the experience, technical know-how, and resources to meet a variety of industry needs. Contact us to get in touch with a crane expert who can help you find a personalized solution that best fits your application requirements.