Overhead Cranes

Overhead Bridge Crane Systems

Overhead cranes are used in various industries to simplify heavy lifting and movement of heavy loads across workspaces simple. An overhead crane can help you lift larger capacities than other crane types and saves you floor space in indoor facilities.  

Benefits of an Overhead Crane: 

Our qualified crane specialists can help you determine what overhead crane is right for your next project. 

Single Girder Bridge Cranes

Single girder bridge cranes are made with a single bridge girder, two end trucks and a trolley hoist which runs along the bottom of the bridge girder. Single girder cranes are a cost-effective solution when a light-to-medium duty crane is needed. 

Double Girder Bridge Cranes

Double girder bridge cranes have two bridge beams and a trolley hoist which travels on rails attached to the top of the bridge girder. Double girder cranes provide greater hook height, allowing them to support the lifting of extremely heavy loads on a frequent basis. 

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Custom Material Handling Solutions

It’s our mission to provide you with the right crane for every job. Allied Crane can custom design and build a crane system to best meet the needs of your specific application. Our crane solution experts are available to discuss your organization’s equipment needs and address your questions regarding crane systems.